Spokane Wedding

Jenna & Ken

Venues- @davenporthotelcollection @Chateauriver

Hair and Makeup- @StudioCapelli

Cater- @Redrockcatering

Florist- @Rose&Blossom

Cake- @Sweetsgeekycakes

Invitations- @Minted

Dress- @Celestialselections

Planner- @Nikkigradoville

Melrose Market Downtown Seattle Wedding

Miesha & Eddie

These high school sweet hearts finally tied the knot in a stunning, details galore, downtown Seattle wedding at Melrose Market. Miesha & Eddie had a beautiful wedding full of thoughtful surprises from custom cuff links with Eddie’s late fathers writing, choreographed dances, even a characteristics!!!! So happy to be apart of this beautiful couples stunning wedding day.

Venue- @melrosemarketstudios

Wedding planner - @AlexisMallos

Hair & Makeup- @Seattlebridehair

Invitations and Papergoods- @minted

Flowers- @lovebloomsweddings

Wedding Dress- @willowbywatters

Cater - @tuxedos&weddingshoes

Wedding Rings- @Greenlakejewelry

Grooms Tux- @menswearhouse

Dreamy Dessert Sunrise Wedding

Showit Stylized shoot with Christianne Taylor & Josh Newton

It’s hard to explain the impact that Showit had on me. For those of you who don’t know Showit is a Photographer conference in Arizona that really changed and revived me in a time that I needed it more then ever. These past few months have been more then incredibly hard for our family. My husband who is a Police officer was involved in another shooting (which was his second in one year) I can’t describe the toll that takes not only on him but our family. Just when things seemed like they couldn’t get more difficult it seemed like Jesus put a little more on our plate, and then a little more, and then a little more - insert eye roll LOL. Going to Showit really reminded me that while I really love getting to be a photographer it’s so much more then that!! It really needs to be about making a difference! For everyone thats going to be different but for me that is going to translate into putting more time and effort into mentoring and teaching others how to start their own business.

In the following weeks hear I’ll be sharing more of our families story and how we are climbing out of this crummy valley, and really trying to make lemonade out of lemons.

Thank you to all the amazing vendors and instructors. Really was such a fun shoot!!

Photography:  @christiannetaylor

Photography: @joshnewton

Planner:  @shineeventsAZ

Rentals:  @Dang.FineRentals

Florals:  @BloomandBluebrint

Custom Stationary:  @FoilandInk

Linen:  @LaTavolaLinen

Table wear:  @TheConfettiStudio

Lanterns:  @FancyLouDesigns

Make-Up:  @ChanelMoelloBeauty

Hair:  @HairMotty

Boho Lake Diablo Wedding

It started out as an adventure Jessica Hunter wanted to shoot at, now it’s become a yearly visit to the Stunning Lake Diablo. It truly is one of the most breathtaking views in Washington.

A huge thanks to al our amazing wonderful vendors!!!
Planning- @theeventists 
Dress- @laineemeg 
Flowers- @juniperrosestudio 
Rentals- @cortpartyrental 
Paper- @letteringbygrg @myloveletters@my.lovely.letters Cake- @eatmorecakebycandice Hair and makeup - @pacific_brides And then let's not forget the amazing photographer @sarahharrisphoto@emmaleephotography & jamie!!
Thanks to our beautiful models Maquel and Austin for coming a long for the ride 

Washington D.C. Stylized Wedding


There is nothing like traveling with one of your best friends and doing what you love.  Sarah & I got to travel to Washington DC for a stylized shoot with an adorable real couple.


Planner-  https://www.pacificengagements.com

Venue-  http://dumbartonhouse.org

Dress-  https://www.bhldn.com

Flowers-  https://www.casadelirio.com.mx

Hair & Make up-  http://www.modernbridalstudio.com

Invitations & Paper-goods-  https://bespokestrokes.com 

Photography- http://www.solie-designs.com & https://www.sarahharrisphoto.com

Cordy and Gavin

Cordy and Gavin 

This year was a year of my friends getting married!  Cordy is one of my oldest and dearest friends.  Cordy has always been the life of the party, someone who always could make you laugh and make your troubles melt away.  So to be apart of her wedding made me feel like I finally could return the favor of a girl who has been there for me, more times then i could count.   I'm so glad Cordy and Gavin finally tied the knot!  

Richland, Virginia Rooftop Wedding

Mary & Dan

When I found out my best friend from Elementary school was getting married I was so excited! I started thinking back the amazing memories I'd had with Mary.  She was my first friend, from pretending to be mermaids in her pool, to making houses for bug out on the play ground.  All my happiest memories in elementary school involved Mary. So when I when I got to meet the man who locked down my friends hart I could not think of a more perfect fit for her.  Dan is such a gentleman and you could tell how much fun they have together.  They are the sweetest couple and so perfectly matched.  It was truly such a special day for me to see my old friend get her happily ever after.  I'm so glad I got to be apart of their special day!  


     There is a very famous photographer who once said "being comfortable in photography can be the kiss of death".  That once you are comfortable you quit pushing yourself to learn, be different, & dream.  When I heard her say that I thought for sure that couldn't be true.  When I first started Solie Designs I longed for the day to feel "comfortable"  When I could feel like I had it all in the bag, knew what I was doing & essentially didn't have to work as hard.  Cause when I first started out I spent all hours on youtube watching online tutorials on how do better my business, different editing techniques, the best way to use my camera.  My life revolved around on how to launch my business and it seemed like an impossible dream to be where I am today.  

     Needless to say this year last year I finally felt comfortable.  I had a steady flow of clients coming in, a good website, & I was respected by other photographers and business owners.  With that comfort I didn't need to be aiming for the stars anymore, learning new ways of the business, or dreaming for something more.  Not to mention I had been struggling between my business and family life.  Everyday I felt like I was just trying to keep my head above water, between getting my work done and trying to be a good mother.  I was starting to feel like I was failing at everything.  So to feel comfortable in my photography abilities didn't feel like a bad thing at the time.  Not to mention I finally decided to go through with getting a hysterectomy because of my long struggle with endometriosis and I felt like it was constantly effecting me and was becoming debilitating.  Life seemed like a whirl wind & the only ray of hope I was grasping on to was that I was "good photographer".  Until that was all put into questions too.  

     As a photographer one of the first things you need to do is figure out what kind of style you are going to be, whats your brand.  I had always leaned towards the light and airy, film like look.  I felt it was a timeless look that will never go out of style.  Although I've always been great at editing photo's, I really can edit a photo anyway I want.  But as a photographer you need to be consistent, so future clients know what to expect.  I chose the light and airy style mostly because I would want that in a wedding photographer.  So to receive emails from two of my brides who were friends, saying they decided they were going to switch photographers because they decided they wanted a different editing style "the dark and moody"  made me questions everything.  In my mind I thought "If no one wants the way I edit what the hell am I doing?!  I might as well quit and not have to deal with the rejection".  Not to mention the photographer who had reached out to my brides that they switch to, was someone I knew and worked with.  So on top of it I felt stabbed in the back.  I started to question everything, and then I realized I had lost the one thing that was comforting me... Photography.  I really don't remember the last time I had felt so useless and worthless.


    After all that what else to do but throw a pity party!  I knew I needed to find a way to pull myself out of it.  I'm not a quitter!  If fact I'm not sure if I've really quit anything.  So I tossed around idea's on how I was going to change things around before the new year.  You know get my mojo back!  I even though about changing my style to the "dark and moody" but I felt that would be a cop out.  It was time to get over my pity party and stop consuming myself with something that was out of my control.  Usually something like this wouldn't have effected me so much because I used to be pretty confident in my ability, but I realized it was because I had been coasting.  I had gotten comfortable and with that had stoped growing, striving, and dreaming.  Which in term meant I wasn't on top of my game.  What that famous photographer said was right!  I had gotten comfortable and had stopped growing, changing and dreaming!  Whats the point of having a business if you don't have new goals to achieve, more excitement on the horizon... more hard work in the future.   This whole ordeal had gotten me out of my comfort zone and made me re-evaluate my business and make some changes.  I've signed up for a few courses, and we be revamping the website as well.  But most of all I'll be focusing more on my business.  I still have some things to figure out.  Mainly how to juggle work and family.  But as long as I stay uncomfortable and go back to the drive I had when I first started my business I think I have more amazing ventures in the horizon.  

   Now on to 2018!!!  I've always talked about how amazing my clients are and 2017 was no exception.  All my Brides and Grooms are so stunningly beautiful & kind hearted.  One of the reasons I'm a photographer is so I can make make a bride and grooms wedding day stress free and fun!  With that I've made several TRUE deep friendships with my brides!  Not many photographers can say they go out to have sushi with one of their old brides just for fun, shot two of their best friends from elementary schools weddings, all while travel around the country in one year.  I have to pinch myself all the time!   2018 looks like its going to be just as amazing!    With so many stunning beautiful brides with extremely kind hearts, not to mention some of my best friends getting married too!!!  It's going to be a great year and I can't wait for it to begin.   

    Lastly I want to thank my friends.  I'm not sure how I would have gotten through this last year without you!  



VG005- Paper Lark -Photo Print Release.jpg




Yakima's Mighty Tieton Wedding

Leah & Charlie

I was so over Joyed when Leah my best friend from Elementary school asked me to photograph her wedding.  Leah has always been so creative and her wedding showcased everything that Leah is, Caring, Beautiful, creative and just Stunning!  I'm so happy she found Charlie who is such a great guy and they are such a perfect couple!  Congratulations guys!!!

Venue- Mighty Tieton

Dress- Laineemeg Bridal

Cater- Chronic Foods Trucks & Sammies Food Truck

Florist- My Garden Overfloweth

Rentals- Bear Events Rentals

Adventure filled Engagement at Deception Pass

Regan & Alex

Had so much fun with Alex and Regan shooting their engagement pictures at deception pass.  We had dogs, beach, drinks and a stunning sunset.  Who could ask for more?!

Sunset Beach Engagement

Heidi & Mike

Boats, beach, & sunset!!! Recipe for one awesome PNW engagement session!  Heidi & Mike got to be one of the special few I bring to my family's beach house on mission beach,  It's where I've grown up and by far my favorite place in the world!  So we popped some bubbly, took a walk and a ride in the row boat.  Perfect night, perfect sunset with the perfect couple.