Newborn Lifestyle

Taylor Lynn Wilson 


The Wilson Family

What could be better then getting to set up a little flower wreath to set a little baby girl in!!!  Had such fun time with this adorable family and this precious newborn baby girl!  We set baby girl Taylor in a flower wreath wrapped in a purple swaddle and a cute baby crown!!!!  Then we switched things up by swaddling Taylor and putting on feather head band and custom arrows to the sides of her!  Then I hung out to take some lifestyle pictures of this cute family, catching everything from nose picking and ice cream eating it was a perfect way to spend an afternoon!

Check out the custom new born announcements I make for every new born shoot!  Just a little something special you get with me! 

Country Club Wedding

Bill & Janice Rucker

SO excited to share my wonderful grandpas wedding the other weekend.  Grandpa Bill got super lucky again and married another wonderful Lady! So excited to have Janice in the family!

They got married at Everett Lutheran church and large reception at the Everett Country club and it couldn't have been a more beautiful night.