Sofia & Cody's Ballroom wedding

Sofia & Cody

Blind dates aren't so bad...
While Cody and Sofia both grew up in Mukilteo and attended the same schools we are three years apart, their paths never crossed. Their friends thought a blind double date to a Mariners Game would be an easy way to break the ice and not put too much pressure on them. On June 13th, 2014 the four of us set off to downtown Seattle. Although the game ended with a loss in extra innings, Cody was able to win me Sofia over with his chivalry, bashfulness, and charming smile.
Rangers 1//Mariners 0
June 13, 2014
Safeco Field, Seattle, Washington

Cody and Sofia have been inseparable since the day they met, other than during hunting season.  They have found that their values in faith, morals, and love for each other provide a solid ground for an amazing future to come. Which make me know they can stand the test of time!

Rattlesnake lake Snowing Engagement

Maquel & Austin


    I know I say it all the time, but I have the best clients. Maquel & Austin were no exception to the rule.  They’re gorgeous, willing to go freeze in the falling snow, trust me with location advice, and are amazingly sweet to one another. That’s what really makes my job so fun.

    Maquel & Austin will be getting married in Arlington later this September.  Maquel wanted a winter shoot and with the stormy weather I though Rattlesnake Lake would be wonderfully PNW inspired engagement session and still not too far of a drive. I always hope my brides will wear something feminine like a dress or skirt in their engagement photos because it translates so well in the photos and gives off a soft and romantic vibe, which I absolutely love. So I asked Maquel if she would wear this stunning skirt from BHLDN. It’s effortlessly feminine with a flowing skirt and she picked a lacy fitted top. Maquels perfectly styled hair damped as the shoot went on and made for a more dramatic look.  I'm so excited to get to be apart of this beautiful couples wedding.  It's certain to be one for the record books.

Dreamy Ballard Engagement

       So let's take a little trip back memory lane... when I was in Elementary school at Nob Hill Elementary in Yakima.  I had huge blue glasses and awful frizzy curly hair.   Life was pretty simple.  I would go to school where Mary Labberton, Leah Cairns and I were Best Friends!  We spent hours on the playground making houses for bugs, goofy craft projects and saving worms from being stepped on (I know weird but thats what you do when your 7 years old right?!)   Fast forward to now, where you see your old bff is engaged and you cross your fingers she'll pick you as her wedding photographer, and your wish comes true!    

       I'm so over the moon Leah and Charlie chose me to shoot their wedding in Yakima this September.  Not only do I get to shoot another super cute, friendly, adorable couple but I've rekindled a childhood friendship!!! And thats what really makes my day!!

     So check out Leah & Charlie PNW engagement session where we went bowling, drank beer, snuggled with dogs and experienced a dreamy PNW sunset at the Ballard Locks.  What more could you ask for?


Malibu Sunset shoot

I got the pleasure of traveling to Los Angeles with my dear friend Jessica Hunter to do a little Stylized on a dreamy Malibu beach.  A big thanks to our models @catlinparks and Tom for modeling. We had so many great vendors, big thanks to @bethfollertmakeup doing her hair makeup. @megan_gray with honey & poppies for the beautiful bouquet. @bhldn for the stunning dress and @jmhunterphotography for traveling all the way to California for an adventure 

Sunrise Elopement

This sunrise Elopement with my favorite girls of Bixby & Pine was early to say the least but well worth the wake up call.  With a Beautiful couple and dreamy landscape it's one for the record books.

Beautiful Snohomish Wedding

Bailey & Tyler

It's no secret that Maroni Meadows is one of my favorite wedding venues.  Not just because it's stunning but because the owens are AMAZING and treat you like family.  Which makes this wedding all the more special that Deni & Jackson got to have their daughters wedding at their venue.  Bailey and Tyler are so much fun and friendly.  I feel so lucky to have gotten to know this amazing family!!! 

Jamaica Destination Wedding

Taylor & Sean

When your a photographer you always dream one day you'll get to shoot on a warm beach somewhere far away with a beautiful bride and groom.  Well Taylor & Sean's romantic wedding in Jamaica was just the trick.  It's no surprise I've been rubbing the sticks at both ends these days and so an amazing trip was just what I needed.  Not to mention getting to hang out with Taylor and Sean, having her dip in the ocean in her wedding dress, and tiki huts in the water.  It was all in all fabulous!  I'm feel so lucky I got to be apart of their special day and Arthur and I had so much fun!

Sparks at Sodo Park

Kara & Ryan

 Ryan and Kara met at a dinner party at mutual friends house. Kara lived in Portland, so it naturally started with Facebook messaging, which lead to texting and the eventually talking on the phone. A month later they had our first date, which lasted 48 hours and they have been together ever since! This Nurse and Police Office our one of the most selfless, generous, and beautiful couples I've had the pleasure of photographing.  I really can't say enough amazing things about them!  They had a flawless wedding at Sodo Park in Seattle that couldn't have been more romantic and dreamy if they tried.  I really can't wait to see them grow and start their lives together in their new house.  They deserve nothing but the best!  xoxoxo

Hollywood School House Romantic Wedding

Kerry & Nick

Every Wedding is always very special to me.  In fact at this very wedding I had a member of the wedding party ask me if weddings are even special to me because I go to so many it must get monotonous right? Honestly there is nothing more exciting to me then to get to be apart of such a special day that I'm sure many of my brides could tell you they caught me wiping a tear or two away at some time during their wedding day.  

I would have to say that Kerry and Nicks wedding was extra special to me.  This incredibly sweet and gorgeous couple were just as beautiful on the inside as they were on the outside.  You could tell Nick knew he was the luckiest man in the world and rightfully so because Kerry might have been the most beautiful bride I've ever seen.  

If that wasn't enough both Nick and Kerry's family were just so loving and overjoyed to add to their families, it made me with I could join the family ;-)

But if all that wasn't special enough, there love for Jesus was what really toped it off.  Sometimes couples can lose site of what is really important on their wedding day.  Nick & Kerry definitely have their priorities straight and I know they have many many years of happiness to come! 

Whimsical Snohomish Engagement

Bailey & Tyler

   This Adorable & fun couple are getting married at Maroni Meadows this September.  They are my kind of couple!!  I drove us all around Snohomish just stoping at where ever I saw fit to take pictures at.... they are a defiantly a go with the flow couple!

Whimsical Lake Union Engagement

Ariella & Ji

Ariella and Ji are a sweet couple from Texas with a love of the Pacific North West.  So what better then an engagement shoot on lake union in a row boat!  After our adventure out on the lake we headed to the arboretum for a dreamy stroll through the park.  So excite I got to spend the day with this fun couple!

Moody Stylized Wedding

What could be better then a moody stylized wedding shoot at Maroni Meadows in Snohomish WA.  I was lucky enough to get the amazing Bixby & Pine to Plan this unique stylized shoot, and not to mention so many other amazing vendors.  Thanks for everyones hard work!

Coordinating & Planning - Bixby + Pine 

Dress- Monte Cristo Bridal 

Venue- Maroni Meadows 

Rentals- Vintage Ambiance 

Hair and makeup - Jacquelyn Marie Studios 

Cake- Sweet Life Cakery 

Ribbon - Boxwood Avenue 

Florals - @Rustedvanseco 

Invites and Paper goods - A Girl Friday Design